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A marketing agency with a difference*

*It’s in the experience

Agora's Story

Our story is one of evolution.

Under Klyp, we noticed recurring client frustrations that we refused to leave by the wayside. So instead, we adapted and grew into the most helpful agency we could imagine. Since we’re still part of the Klyp family, we’re able to make the most of our siblings’ specialist knowledge through Iterate, Rivet, and 3equals (coming soon).

Here at Agora, we aim to create a welcoming, diverse, and collaborative environment full of positive and proactive personalities. And it shows; coming through in everything we produce for an outstanding client experience.

We’re here to make sure you feel supported by a team that speaks your language and collaborates with you on your goals. Through regular and helpful communication, we strive to build unrivalled trust with our clients that results in creative and successful solutions to any marketing problem – we’re always ready to take up the glove!

How We Work

We have designed every part of our client engagement process, to ensure we are delivering outstanding results and a stellar experience.

  • Meet with your team of specialists to discuss your business and campaign goals, prior pain points, and strategic direction.
  • Regroup with your Agora team regularly, to ensure your strategy adapts in line with changing priorities or goals.
  • Receive collaborative strategies that make sure every specialist’s efforts are collectively supporting your goals.
  • Set and monitor specific and evolving KPIs, which guide us to achieving the goals you care about and make sure we’re continuously improving.
  • Regularly receive updates and check-ins, so you stay in the loop about how your campaigns are going and any new opportunities that are identified.

What Agora Means to Us

Walk the walk

We celebrate our successes and grow from our mistakes. We treat every business as if it were our own, cultivating an environment of honesty, trust and openness.

Always Find a Way

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but that doesn’t stop us from delivering on our promises. We’ll break the mould and think outside of the box to provide an innovative solution… every time.

Give Real Value

We see our team as an extension of yours. We seek to provide real value for our clients and the broader community, through everything we do. Not only that, but The Marketing Roundtable (coming soon) is the meeting place for marketers to find more information and learn.

Be Human

We leave the technical jargon and corporate fronts at the door. We understand that we’re all human and have lives outside of our jobs. We bring empathy and understanding to the table at all times – our intelligence isn’t artificial!

The Team Behind the Screens

The team at Agora is made up of passionate marketing professionals, who know what it takes to get the job done. We’re all about taking the front foot and using solid evidence to back it up.

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What Our Clients Say

Our Clients

We work with clients across Australia and globally, in various industries, and with differing goals. But one key thing that all our clients have in common? They chose us.

Our Sister Agencies

Agora is part of the Klyp group of agencies. This means that our clients have access to specialist expertise to deliver on their varying digital needs, including website and app development; website optimisation and user experience; creative and design; events marketing; hardware and technology solutions; cloud services; and more.

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