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Agora's Story

Our story is one of evolution.

Over the years, we noticed recurring client frustrations that we refused to leave by the wayside. So instead, we adapted and grew into the most helpful agency we could imagine.

We have combined expertise across market research, marketing strategy, and marketing execution to deliver a truly holistic approach to marketing. We built Agora on the philosophy that marketing execution should be driven by strategy, and strategy should be informed by data (and we’d become frustrated working in agencies where these disciplines were offered in isolation).

At Agora, we combine big-picture understanding and strategy, with high quality marketing execution, to ensure the best possible results for the people and businesses we work with. If there is a need for better insight or data, we can provide research to uncover the information that is needed.

You’ll never have an ‘Account Manager’ who acts as a glorified receptionist when working with Agora. Instead, your main contact will be a highly experienced Marketing Strategist, who is not only your biggest advocate, but also ensures that strategy, business understanding, and big-picture thinking remain at the heart of everything we do for you.

How We Work

We have designed every part of our client engagement process, to ensure we are delivering outstanding results and a stellar experience.

  • Meet with your team of specialists to discuss your business and campaign goals, prior pain points, and strategic direction.
  • Regroup with your Agora team regularly, to ensure your strategy adapts in line with changing priorities or goals.
  • Receive collaborative strategies that make sure every specialist’s efforts are collectively supporting your goals.
  • Set and monitor specific and evolving KPIs, which guide us to achieving the goals you care about and make sure we’re continuously improving.
  • Regularly receive updates and check-ins, so you stay in the loop about how your campaigns are going and any new opportunities that are identified.

What Agora Means to Us

Relationships First

Relationships are everything and nothing is more important to us than the trusted relationships we have with our clients, colleagues, partners, and everyone else we work with. We know that there is more to our relationships than the work itself. We prioritise delivering exceptional experiences and creating unexpected moments that surprise and delight our clients and our colleagues.

Act with Integrity

Integrity creates trust and as a collective, this is our company’s most valuable asset. We are uncompromising when it comes to our moral and ethical values. We take ownership of everything we do, including our successes and our mistakes. We always act in the best interests of everyone involved, through our constant choice to act with honesty, fairness, and respect for everyone we work with.

Always Seek Solutions

Our clients trust us to deliver results. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but that doesn’t stop us from helping our clients achieve their goals. We demonstrate resilience and overcome any obstacles, to seek out the best solutions and deliver exceptional outcomes. We value innovation, creativity and critical thinking, to identify the solutions that will deliver the best long term results.

Give Real Value

We understand that every business has unique goals in different seasons and stages. We never take a cookie cutter approach, but always tailor our service to each business we work with. We take the time to understand what our clients truly need and care about, and ensure that we provide true value in everything we do.

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What Our Clients Say

Our Clients

We work with clients across Australia and globally, in various industries, and with differing goals. But one key thing that all our clients have in common? They chose us.

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