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Zuckerberg may not be “listening”, but we know how to target as though he is.

30% of consumers discover new products via social media word-of-mouth and online ads

Using the power of social media marketing, we can help you reach and engage with your audience, while driving conversions and generating positive ROI. We’re Facebook and Pinterest partners, so we’re always up-to-date with any advancements on the platforms your customers spend the most time on.

What We Do

Strategy development

Anyone can post on social media platforms, but not everyone can do it well without a balanced strategy. This involves considering your business and marketing goals, who your audience is, where they are spending their time (on social media), and realistically deciding what type of content you can create and post.

Planning and publishing

With social media, it’s not just about getting your content out there, it’s about getting it out there at a time which is best for your audience. You’ve likely heard the phrase “right person, right time, right place” more times than you can count, but it’s accurate. A solid publishing plan will help you reach your audience exactly when you need to.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising helps you reach a wider audience than those who are already following you – growing, nurturing, and converting new fans. Typically, our advertising goals are to increase conversions and decrease cost per acquisition; that is, to make more money from your marketing dollars.

Community management

Your social media channels provide extra brand touch points for your audience, so make sure they’re being used well. People want to see the human side behind brands, so it’s important to engage with your audience regularly. We know this can be time consuming and let’s be real, often daunting, but our specialists know exactly how to handle even the stickiest of situations.

Analytics and reporting

Some people say money runs the world, but we say it’s data. The best marketing strategies are built from knowing your audience and testing to see what they respond to best. This information comes from the data we use throughout the process to constantly optimise what we do.

Managing Your Social Media Strategy

Step 1.

Our SMM specialists work with you to understand your current audience and make sure we’re able to effectively reach them and people like them. We also help you refine your marketing objectives so they’re in line with your business goals.

Step 2.

Using your goals and objectives, we create a strategy that is centred around giving you the best results possible. Our team can also come up with the creative that you need to appeal to your audience, whether it’s images, video, long-form content, or even a good old social media quiz.

Step 3.

Based on the results we get, we continue to refine your strategy to make sure it’s always performing well. We keep you updated throughout the process with as much (or as little) detail as you wish!

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Social Media FAQ

How do I know if our social media marketing is working?

Depending on your business goals and what we’re working towards, we set up a number of targets at the beginning of each campaign. Primarily, we like to look at Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Return on Investment (ROI), to show you just how well your campaigns are performing.

There are a number of strategies you can use to get more followers, which we’re happy to talk through with you. However, more followers aren’t always the most important thing for you on social media. The best followers are engaged ones, so you need to make sure you’re posting interesting content for the followers that you do have.

The short answer is no. Well, you CAN delete them but you shouldn’t (unless they’re spam). While you may get some negative comments that are over the top, often they’re from people who are trying to offer genuine feedback on your product or service, so they shouldn’t be ignored. Feel free to take the conversation out of a public space by directly messaging the customer, but make sure you also respond in the comments so your other followers can see that you care.

Probably not, because it’s highly unlikely that every channel will be worthwhile for you. It depends on who your audience is, what they’re looking for from your brand, and importantly, how much time you have to commit to each platform. Obviously, if you work with us we can do the time intensive parts for you, but if you ever need to manage it on your own then the more platforms you’re on, the harder it will be.

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