Marketing Automation via Email & SMS

That little bit extra can go a very long way

76% of marketers who adopt automation technology see a positive ROI within a year

Email marketing and SMS marketing are often overlooked as useful tools for growing your business and solving common problems. However, these channels deliver targeted messages to people who are already interested in your brand, so they’re some of the best ways to nurture your relationships.

What We Do

Email marketing

Our email marketing specialists create strategies that maximise the value of an email database. It’s all about personalisation; making sure you’re sending relevant content which actually appeals to your audience instead of causing them to hit ‘unsubscribe’. 

Through our partner’s CRM systems, we’re also able to create automations and flows which follow your customers along their journey. As part of your email marketing strategy, we’ll make sure your emails are segmented and personalised, just the way your customers like it.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is best used for quick-response campaigns or goals — 95% of all text messages are read within three minutes, so you can guess why. Our marketing automation specialists can set up SMS automations that reach your customers at the most important moments of their journey; whether it’s a special discount code to get a sale over the line or an appointment reminder to make sure they show up.

Working with our partners, MessageMedia, means we can also integrate your SMS campaigns with your Hubspot account (or the account we can create for you) or Shopify site, to create an all-encompassing communications strategy.

Our Approach to Marketing Automation

Step 1.

Our automation specialists will work with you to figure out what your goals are and whether you have the infrastructure to support them. If email or SMS marketing is being used as part of a broader strategy with us, our specialist team will work together to develop the strategy. We’re also able to set up (or refine) your CRM systems to make these marketing methods even more effective.

Step 2.

We’ll work out communication flows that hit your goals and ensure your customers stay informed throughout their journeys.

Step 3.

As we go, we’ll continually update and improve the workflows we’ve set up for you and add in any new contact points that we pick up as opportunities.

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Marketing Automation FAQ

Why should I use email or SMS when I’m already using a bunch of other types of marketing?

For the simple reason that it’s more cost-effective to keep your existing customer base on board than trying to find new customers. You’ve spent all that time and money building your audience, SMS and email marketing can be used as a way of nurturing them and keeping them interested.

Yes, in fact, there are laws that regulate how we use both email and SMS marketing. The most important one — you need to get consent to send people emails and texts, and there must be a way for them to opt out of receiving messages from you.

CRM stands for customer relationship management and a CRM system, like HubSpot, is a system which helps you manage those relationships. The term itself is pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes the benefits get lost amongst the million other marketing options out there. Keep in mind though, that it’s often a lot cheaper to retain customers than it is trying to find new ones.

When you get innovative and creative with your email and SMS marketing strategies then you can solve a whole range of business problems. Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Decrease the number of no shows for appointments
  • Avoid people signing up for emails and then forgetting about you
  • Satiate people’s need to be kept up-to-date (especially with delivery times)
  • Free up your time spent promoting offers

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