The Small Business Last Minute Guide to a Successful Click Frenzy

Gianna Callioni
. 26 Oct 2022 . 6 min read

Click Frenzy is fast approaching so if you’d like to capitalise on the millions of users who’ll visit the online marketplace, here are a few key things you should work on over the next two weeks!

Before getting into it though, you’ll need to make one key decision – will you officially join Click Frenzy, or unofficially ride off the hype?

Option 1. Taking part in the official Click Frenzy promotion

Many big-name online retailers use this event to generate large volumes of traffic and clear out stock. You’ll see brands like The Iconic, City Beach, PetStock, and Michael Hill all featured on the platform. On day one of last year’s event, participating retailers saw an average of 65% increase in traffic to their site. Featuring on the platform not only means you’re more likely to be seen by people in the shopping spirit, but also more likely to reach new customers.

However, you do need to pay to be there just like with any other form of advertising. You can use their self-serve advertising tool to see what the process is like and how their pricing model works. Before choosing this option, weigh up whether the cost of advertising on the platform will be outweighed by the increased sales.

Option 2. Making the most of people’s deal-finding goals unofficially

You can capitalise on purchase-driven mindsets without paying to feature on the platform. You can still generate a great deal of buzz within your own community through earned media advertising. If you have a solid earned audience (think email databases and social media followers), you may decide that this option is enough for you to get the pick-up in sales that you’d like.

You may also choose to run ads on social media or Google search to reach additional audiences. Click Frenzy has a fixed $0.80 cost per click on top of the fixed fee to feature a deal. Compare this to what your average CPC has been in the past (with a little wiggle room for increased competition) to help you decide which option is best.

Whichever option you decide on, there are several things you can do in the lead-up to the special event to help maximise your results.

Put Consideration Into Your Deals

It’s important to spend some time putting careful thought into the deals you offer as part of your sale. Potential customers will expect big discounts (remember, Click Frenzy does crazy 99% off deals), but it’s still essential to keep your bottom line in mind. If you can’t financially offer big discounts on your products, consider if you can provide small free gifts or free shipping instead.

You may wish to use this as an opportunity to promote some of your lesser-known or new products as well. Think about creating bundle deals specially for the event and pairing them with your more popular products.

Come up with a Backup

Selling out of your top products is a great thing, but it’s good to have some backups in mind in case you do. If potential customers visit your site wanting to purchase a specific item but you’ve sold out, is there something else you can promote instead? A similar product that would serve the same purpose for them and help ensure you don’t miss a sale.

Make the Most of Social and Email Marketing

Make it really clear when and how people will be able to access your deals!

A couple of days before the event, we recommend posting on all of your relevant social channels to capture as much of your audience as you can. This could include a combination of feed posts with the details and stories with countdowns.

Pair this with email communications to retarget past customers and subscribers. Depending on how well your database has been segmented, you should also tailor these emails where possible. Consider contacts that are yet to make their first purchase; an email to them could read, ‘Have you been a bit unsure about your first purchase? Maybe one of our biggest sales of the year will help.’ Or, if you’ve got a group of VIP customers who always shop with you, you could offer them an exclusive deal, ‘We wanted to say an extra special thank you this weekend! Use the code ABC123 for a fun surprise.’

Perform a Website Health Check

You’re potentially (hopefully) about to get a lot of traffic on your site, so let’s give them the best user experience possible. Particularly if it’s been a little while since you last reviewed everything, you’ll want to check on your checkout flow, your chatbot / customer service setup, and general usability.

We know that 87% of people will stop a purchase and abandon their cart if the process is too difficult. We don’t want that to happen during a big event.

The team at Iterate, our sister agency, have written an article all about getting your website ready for Click Frenzy. Take a look at it to find out how to ensure your site has the best chance of converting customers.

Double Check Your Email Workflows

Your customers’ experiences after they check out are just as important as the purchasing process. You want to make sure any automated emails you have set up (think confirmation emails, shipping updates, and friendly check-ins) are all fresh and up-to-date.

Keep Their Advertising Rules in Mind

Keep in mind that Click Frenzy is a brand in its own right and they have specific regulations surrounding the promotion of their trademark. Without explicit permission from Click Frenzy, you cannot use the term ‘Click Frenzy’ or feature their logo on any external promotional material.

Section of Click Frenzy’s Terms and Conditions

When promoting your sales through social media posts, on your website, or in marketing emails, please remember to use different phrasing. This could include, ‘Special 24 Hour Sale’, ‘Shopping Frenzy’, ‘Deal Weekend’, or anything along these lines.

If you’re reading this the day before Click Frenzy or even after the event, don’t worry! These same tips will help you prepare for Cyber Weekend later in November or Boxing Day/New Year’s sales as well.

What is Click Frenzy and how does it work?
Click Frenzy first launched in Australia in 2012 and is inspired by the huge Cyber Weekend deals seen in the USA (and now here too). Essentially, Click Frenzy acts as a marketplace for all of the biggest deals that are available during the limited time window. To officially be part of Click Frenzy as a brand, you actually need to pay an advertiser’s fee for each of your deals to feature on the platform. If a user clicks on your ‘ad’, they’re taken to your website to complete the purchase.

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