iOS14 Impact on Facebook Advertising (Free Guide)

Gianna Callioni
. 25 Nov 2021 . 5 min read

2021 has very quickly shown social media marketers that this business is volatile. Through a series of Facebook webinars, marketers globally learned how their campaigns would need to very quickly adapt to Ads Manager changes forced by Apple’s iOS14 Privacy Policy. If you haven’t already heard, these changes are significant and impact all businesses advertising on Facebook and Instagram, particularly those in eCommerce.

In short, Apple announced a new iOS 14 AppTrackingTransparency framework, requiring apps (including Facebook and Instagram) to show a discouraging prompt when users click through to a third-party website (eg. your own website). This prompt will ask users to agree or decline to their movements being tracked across the website they’re attempting to visit. The users’ decision will determine to which degree your tracking abilities will be restricted. In response to Apple’s prompt, Facebook has been forced to reimagine some aspects of Business Manager. For Facebook and Instagram marketers, this means changes to account set-up, targeting, optimisation and reporting. These changes are already being rolled out and impact all advertisers, even if you aren’t targeting iOS users.

Apple released these changes on 26 April 2021. These have already impacted how we receive and process events from tools like the Facebook Pixel and SDK. As of 10 May, the global opt-in rate is sitting around 13%. As more people opt-out of tracking on iOS 14, statistical modelling will be used to account for some conversions, website data reliant audience sizes will decrease and audience cross-over will become more and more difficult to prevent.

We’ve created a thorough guide detailing the effects of the change and how we’re combating them. Please feel free to download a free copy of the guide via the link below!

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